due the time we are spending on our clients our own website was pretty much outdated and never updated.
We decided to make a clean new website with our latest portfolio that will be easy to update. This way we can provide you with our latest visual candy.

Stay tuned......
Studio Wonder
A Visual marketing company! Focusing on every part within Graphic Design. With a big love for Electronic Music and youth marketing, we are creating visual imagery for a wide range of clients.

Wonderboys VJ Collective
In the weekend we perform as a VJ-Collective named Wonderboys. We will focus mostly on Electronic music dance parties and festivals. With our graphic Design background we can produce an unique visual show that will connect the art-work from the event with live animation visuals.

Our new portfolio will be online someday.
If you can't wait and you need a quick sample of our latest work, just send us a nice email and we will send you some happy samples.

Untill then you can view some of our cases at our BEHANCE portfolio.

Studio Wonder
mr. H.F. de Boerlaan 151
7411 AH Deventer
The Netherlands

Camiel Voorn
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Sander op den Dries
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